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You know why I love The Temptations? (Hint: The answer has nothing to do with their phenomenal harmonies or music. OK, maybe it does a little bit--but not as much as it should.) I love The Temptations because I love The Temptations, NBC's 1998 made-for-the-small-screen flick about the Motown hit-makers and their behind the scenes issues. Seriously, man, that's some salacious television right there! Drug addictions, infidelity, more drug additions, alcoholism, even more drug addictions and constant lineup changes? I can't get enough, really. And I make a point of it to catch a few minutes of it (at least) every time the flick (which starred, among other no-names, the great Leon as the tragically talented David Ruffin) comes onto VH-1 (as it just did last week, actually). I'm not alone in thinking it was a pretty entertaining piece of cinema: It won an Emmy and was nominated for a few Golden Globes! Seriously, you should probably see it, if you haven't--it's way better than that crappy The Jacksons: An American Dream flick. At the very least, watching the movie will make you want to head out to the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie Friday to see the real Temptations performing live and in person. Tickets to the show are $50.25 to $60.25 a piece; visit for more info.
Fri., Sept. 26, 2008

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