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Getting Under Your Skin

Seems like Thanksgiving just happened and then you knock out Christmas and Hanukkah, and, man, am I full. I'd been dreaming about mashed potatoes and cornbread dressing for more than a month and one season didn't cut it. But despite being a time for food festivities, the holidays were also dangerous--and not just relatives-getting-drunk-and-blurting-out-family-secrets dangerous. I'm talking about dangerous for your health, people. We all know obesity is an epidemic in America, and the holidays were all about stuffing faces. But fret not, fellow food-lovers, because I've found a surefire way to keep you from going back for seconds now that the New Year has begun: Go to West End Marketplace, 603 Munger Ave., and look at a bunch of real, dead human bodies. If that doesn't cure your appetite (as well as your burning curiosity about human anatomy), I don't know what will. The popular international show Bodies: The Exhibition will be on display through April 2010 and features real, polymer-preserved bodies posed in various positions, showing all of us non-doctors what really goes on underneath our skin. Weekday tickets are $22, weekend tickets are $24, and discounts are available for kids, seniors, groups and members of the military. For more information about the exhibition, visit To purchase tickets, go to
Nov. 21-April 30, 2009


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