Gibb's Gold

Brian Gibb is a dangerous man. He can make you want things. He can make you buy things. And he doesn't even have to be in the room. His eye for talent brings some seriously amazing shows to his gallery, The Public Trust. But more important, his own art is...well...addictive. I have a limited-edition Gibb print at home, and since its hanging, all I've done is want more to add to it. The Magnolia Gallery offers a tempting look at Gibb's new prints with All That Glitters Isn't Gold. The exhibition studies dichotomies of emotions and relationships via multicolor and one-color screen-prints of beautifully simple graphics and typography. What's more, Gibb continues his effort to provide art at a reasonable price, so art lovers like me, who live on a pittance, can work up a handsome collection and still have walls to hang it on. All That Glitters hangs through December 3 at the gallery in the Magnolia Theatre at West Village. Visit
Oct. 17-Dec. 3, 2008

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