Go On, Sistah

As a writer, I have this ego thing going where I can't wait to see my finished product each week. Even with my little blurbs here and the profound effect I'm sure they have on readers (ahem), I rush to see my legacy in print. So, when I read about author Monica Frazier Anderson's live chat disaster (where only one person showed up), I thought, "Ouch—so that's what they mean by soul-crushing and ego-smashing." Actually, the server was just down, and no one could log on. More people eventually showed. According to Anderson's Amazon.com profile, her self-esteem didn't seem to suffer too much and that gives mine hope. But to be on the safe side, let's just hope people show up for her in-store appearance (where technical difficulties can't be faulted). Saturday, Anderson signs her book, When a Sistah's Fed Up, at 11 a.m. at Barnes & Noble, 3909 S. Cooper St. in Arlington. Call 817-557-4018.
Sat., June 3, 11 a.m.

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