Going Bananas

Like Jane Goodall, I once lived among animals. From the tiny hovel I'd eked out for myself in their natural habitat, I would observe their movements. The objects of my observation had bizarre, occasionally nonexistent, bathing habits. Others had unusual mating rituals, often draping themselves in cloth that barely covered their genitalia in an effort to "present" to the opposite sex. Late at night, they would commence with frantic yelling after consuming a strange liquid that made them wobbly on their feet. I came to know these animals as "collegius roommatus." They're certainly not as exotic a species as the chimpanzees Goodall studied, but they were wild. Conduct research of your own during Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees, playing at the Omni Theatre at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, 1501 Montgomery St. in Fort Worth. Shows start Friday and tickets are $6 to $7. Visit fortworthmuseum.org.
Sept. 1-Nov. 16

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