Going to the Shore This Weekend?

The Weasel's coming to Texas. No longer sporting the curly long hair, the raging '90s grunge-tip clothing, but probably still looking for the worm in the tequila bottle, Pauly Shore brings his stand-up comedy to the Improv Comedy Club in Arlington Thursday through Sunday. His flamboyant rise to fame through MTV's Totally Pauly and his movies Encino Man and Bio-Dome having faded out over subsequent films, but his recent projects Pauly Shore is Dead and Minding the Store keep the Wheez going as he seeks out the attention and notoriety he once had. But to watch Pauly Shore now might be like getting to see a supernova from millions of miles away. It's not the most brilliant way to see a dimming star, but it's still remarkable. For tickets and show times visit improv.com.
Oct. 14-17, 2010

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