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Golf Fore The Masses

It's that time of year again, when North Texans don their polo shirts and Lacoste visors, practice those golf claps, and pretend we live in the merciful aridity of Southern California. This year's HP Byron Nelson Championship is scheduled for Memorial Day week (ending May 24), at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas. There's a KidsZone for the little ones and live music until 9:30 p.m. for the bigger kids. If you have the recession blues, hit up the free admission Monday and Tuesday; otherwise it's $45 a day ($90 for the week). For our general edification, I asked a sports-guru friend for interesting tidbits about the Byron Nelson. Here's what he pulled up:
Josh: "Byron Nelson won the first one. Think about how awkward it would have been if he hadn't!"
Me: "They probably named it after he won."
Josh: "That's the joke. Sigh."
Obviously, golf's one of those things that's more fun to play than to watch. But it's hard to do that awesome golf clap while you're wielding a nine-iron, so get a visor and head out to Las Colinas. For more info, visit
May 18-24, 2009


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