Growing Up

The best thing about being shown a photo retrospective of someone else's kids, usually, is that they didn't reach for their wedding video instead. But photographer Todd Stewart's latest project, The Garden, has taken his twins' earliest encounters with nature, from the backyard to the Home Depot, and produced images with a greater message--a message, thank God, that isn't, "Stevie just loves yams!" Stewart catches quiet moments of discovery as the kids grow from stroller-bound and oblivious, dwarfed by enormous cacti, to strutting around and glaring, a cat clutched in one hand. Spend a while with Stewart's work, and maybe you'll think twice before whipping out your cell phone and subjecting some sucker to last year's birthday party snapshots. The Garden hangs through April 25 at Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery, 1202 Dragon St. Call 214-969-1852 or visit
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: March 6. Continues through April 25, 2009

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