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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

"There's no shame in it," we've said over and over. "Women will still find you attractive," we've stated, with an assuring grin. And occasionally we've declared desperately, not sure what else to say, "No, you're not losing your hair." Some male friends want an honest assessment, but most simply want to be told that their hairline looks exactly as it did five years ago. Or 10 years ago. While a little ego petting may be in order, we stop short of supporting a comb-over. ("When in doubt, grow it out" should never be an option.)

Those who live in fear of developing an unintentional tonsure would keel over at the thought of going voluntarily bald, as the shavees at St. Baldrick's Celebration events do. Like sheep to the shearing, they go under the razor meekly and willingly. Well, like charitable, fund-raising sheep, that is, since they're shorn for pledges and donations to benefit CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation. This peculiar event began when a couple of staunch St. Patrick's Day observers decided to add a philanthropic twist to their usual celebration; they vowed to raise money while showing solidarity for cancer sufferers who lose their hair in chemotherapy. Five years and $3.3 million later, St. Baldrick's events are being held all over the country and in Ireland, Bermuda and Canada.

The St. Baldrick's event being held at Trinity Hall Irish Pub & Restaurant boasts 17 shavees signed up so far (you can still add your name to that list), including a female volunteer, who have raised more than $30,000 this year. And with a local fund-raising goal of $50,000, these bareheaded benefactors take their hair loss pretty seriously. If Billy Corgan, Michael Jordan, Patrick Stewart and Sinead O'Connor can pull it off, who knows? You might be the next hot baldy.


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