Haley Joel Haunting

Once upon a time M. Night Shyamalan made a damn good scary movie. The Sixth Sense has it all: walking corpses (including a seriously creepy pre-DUI/-puberty Mischa Barton), a tension building score, haunting cinematography and a spooky twist at the end. It's a psychological thriller about a child psychologist (natch) who meets a troubled little boy with frightening similarities to one of his former patients. Still haunted by his failure with the former patient, Bruce Willis' Dr. Malcolm Crowe sees in young Cole (played to Oscar-nom-worthy standards by pre-DUI/-puberty Haley Joel Osment) an opportunity to understand and redeem himself. Here's your chance to catch it on the big screen again, free of charge and under the stars, to boot. See dead people at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday on the Victory Plaza screens as part of Victory Park's "Get Reel" series. Visit victoryparktheatre.com.
Tue., Aug. 26, 2008

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