Hands-Off Handiwork

He's played with faeries, talked to angels, fronted the electro-drag She-Dick and now he's got an exhibition of original artwork. He's Dan Paul Roberts, and folks, if someone can do all those things, be called a "wizardly gentleman" by the Magnolia Gallery’s Scott Horn and hail from Wichita Falls, then I severely underestimated the Falls. Roberts' works, which he refers to as "nonrepresentational" and "interactions of falling house paint and glitter" are efforts in which Roberts aimed to allow elements to form on their own, with as little of his hand controlling the outcome as possible. He calls them "exercises in patience and trust," and they are available to view or purchase through February 5 at the Magnolia Theatre's gallery, 3699 McKinney Ave. Visit landmarktheatres.com.
Jan. 12-Feb. 5, 2008

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