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Happy, Scrappy

The other day, we found a binder filled with all kinds of crap—photo sets from Dallas Observer events, along with trinkets, mementos and cute captions written in colorful paper. We said to ourselves, "Wow! What an incredibly dorky way to commemorate our promotional nights out. If only this junk was assembled in a more professional format—perhaps arranged in clear, plastic sleeves with all of the elements taped down for easy perusal and gift-giving at events such as baby showers." Then we remembered, doggone it, the Great American Scrapbook Convention takes place Thursday through Saturday at the Arlington Convention Center, 1200 Ballpark Way. Perfect! Now we can hang out with party-obsessed frauen from all over the metroplex and bond over seasonal paper designs for three days. Let's just hope the old ladies aren't scared by the many naked photos in our binder. General admission is $10 daily. Call 801-627-3700.
June 8-10


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