Hatching Deliciousness

If you're lucky, you get to live in a city famous for something wonderful. Paris, perhaps, if you're a couture fashionista. London, maybe, if finance gets your blood pumping. Darwin, Minnesota, if living within the same city limits as the world's biggest ball of twine sounds like something you could totally wind your fingers around. Of course, we can't all be lucky enough to live in the Parises and Darwins of the world. Some folks may be stuck in New Mexico, and if so, we can only hope they live in Hatch, the designer chile pepper capital of the world. The farmers of Hatch's Mesilla Valley spend their botanical time growing new, exciting and very literally hot varieties of peppers. If you can't make it up to Hatch for their yearly chile fest, consider driving over to Central Market instead, where the house chefs will teach you how to whip up some Texas-infused, Hatch-inspired goodness: grilled shrimp, barbecued flank steak and chile mashed potatoes along with Hatch and cheddar corn muffins. Vinegar pie's for dessert, if you don't fall asleep after all that spicy goodness. The cooking class is at Central Market, 5750 E. Lovers Lane, from 6:30 to 9 p.m. this Friday. Admission is $60 per person. Visit CentralMarket.com.
Fri., Aug. 21, 6:30-9 p.m., 2009

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