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Having a Ball

A group of friends and a truck crash. That story can't end well, can it? Perhaps "well" isn’t exactly the right term, but "interesting" could sure fit the bill. And "illogical." When it comes to Schrödinger's Ball, a novel by Adam Felber, "entertaining" might work as well—especially since the friends include a physicist, the President of the Free State of Montana, a homeless woman determined to rewrite the history of the world and a guy that may or may not be dead. Publishers Weekly described Ball as an "inspired romp" in its delivery of "a deliberately bad explanation of the uncertainty principle." We're not certain what that means exactly, but you can ask Felber as he signs copies 7 p.m. Tuesday at Borders Books & Music, 5500 Greenville Ave. Call 214-739-1166.
Tue., Jan. 16, 7 p.m.


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