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He's A Comedy King To Us

Jay Pharoah is coming to The Improv in Arlington. I know what you're thinking: I know the name, but I can't place him. No doubt your thoughts then drifted to King Tutankhamun, the little 10 year-old Egyptian mummy prince. First of all, JINX, that's exactly what I thought!! And second of all, Jay Pharoah is a comedian about to start his second year with Saturday Night Live. Fun fact that ties all this shit together: At 23 Jay is currently the youngest cast member on SNL, narrowly beating out that waste-of-space Abby Elliott. Seriously, can't they just find some other comedian to fluff their hair in the opening credits and do one whole impersonation of Khloe Kardashian? On the other, considerably funnier, hand, Jay Pharoah does lots of impersonations including Barak Obama, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and Richard Dreyfus from Mr. Holland's Opus. Except that last one is a total lie. But the others aren't and they're spot on. Go see the funny Thursday, July 7th through Sunday, July 10th at The Improv in Arlington. Giggle on over to for show times, ticket prices and an unrelated close up of Bob Saget. For pictures of Uncle Jessie, just Google "have mercy."
July 7-10, 2011


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