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Hey, That's My City!

A couple of weeks ago, my commute home from work was totally slowed down by Billy Zane and what appeared to be a film shoot. In New York and Los Angeles, this is probably so commonplace that nobody bats an eyelash, but in downtown Dallas, the rubbernecking was extreme. People get excited when they see lights, camera, action in their own backyard. And when the product is finished, it's fun to pick out the local landmarks and places you frequent on film. I know I always enjoy pointing out the fountain at NorthPark Mall where Farrah Fawcett danced naked for that awful Robert Altman movie. The Dallas Producers Association understands the weird sense of pride we all feel when Dallas plays a supporting role in television and film, and celebrates it every year during It Came From Dallas, which showcases films, television and other productions that featured Big D as a backdrop. Dallas film fixture Gary Cogill will co-host this year's event, titled Curse of It Came From Dallas-Taking the Fifth, and featuring trailers and clips ranging from Bonnie and Clyde to deliciously bad B-movies shot on location in the Metroplex. Arrive at 6:30 p.m. for a good seat at the Studio Movie Grill, 11170 North Central Expressway. Admission is $10. Visit for more information.
Thu., Oct. 15, 7:30 p.m., 2009


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