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Hockey Mouths

So Sean Avery's gone, dealing with anger management issues and a big mouth. That's all very politically correct and all, but if the guy--and all Dallas Stars--used some well-placed trash talk on the ice instead of in the reporters' mikes, we might get a little more action on the ice. Our Dallas Stars have had a hit-or-miss season that's nothing if not "meh" for fans in the stands...and having been one, I can attest. There's just a certain lack of intensity, a question of the team really wanting the win. And when you're cheering on a team against some asshole in another city's sweater, you want to know your shouts matter to someone working the puck. Maybe if someone threw around some "your mom" jokes just where the refs couldn't hear, Turco might get revved up. Say if, this Saturday, an Anaheim Duck were to, for example, tell Modano to go suck an egg--or something to that effect--it might amp up the goal-hunger. See if you agree...and show the Stars how it's done at American Airlines Center 7 p.m. Saturday. Call 214-GO-STARS or visit
Sat., Dec. 27, 7 p.m., 2008


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