How 'Bout a Little Bear Huntin'?

It's the second week of the regular season, which either means we're all collectively breathing a sigh of relief because this shit actually counts, or we're all burying our faces in bags of Fritos Scoops and bean dip because this shit really does count. Either way, seems like a win-win, no? As Your Dallas Cowboys gear up for a nooner against Da Bears this Sunday, we're gearing up to make sure Miles, Tony, DeMarcus, Marcus, Marion and the rest of the star players (get it?! Double meaning, people! They wear stars, too!) have our full support and attention early on. Let's make an agreement we're not bandwagoning, K? No bandwagoning, no pressure with the Super Bowl here this season or anything. No pressure at all. Check out available tickets on, or watch on FOX if you don't snag a seat at Cowboys Stadium. Cheering counts from end zone, nosebleed and armchair.
Sun., Sept. 19, noon, 2010

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