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Hug It Out

Group hugs have always left me smushed and gasping for breath--part of being short, I suppose. I never felt like everyone got their fare share of hug; there was always that one guy on the back end who just sort of leaned onto the group without really getting a good squeeze in return...and the other guy who tried to "hover touch" everyone else's asses. But Marty Walker Gallery's Group Hug is much different. A dozen artists have their work showcased and there's no squishing or inappropriate touching--viewers can browse works spanning painting, photography and multi-media at their leisure. Group Hug runs Tuesdays through Saturdays through August 30 at the Marty Walker Gallery, 2135 Farrington St. Gallery artists (Ted Kincaid, Tom Orr, Susie Rosmarin and others) are featured along with new artists (including ARTFORUM's recent subject of rave Archie Scott Gobber). Call 214-749-0066 or visit
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: June 21. Continues through Aug. 30, 2008


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