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Most weekends, I leave Dallas in the early hours of the morning heading toward the northern suburbs on the famed U.S. Highway 75. While most drive just slightly over the legal speed limit, there are usually dozens of others who zoom past, weaving through traffic and generally being crazy and reckless. Sometimes, the reckless become wrecked and traffic grinds to a halt as bits of broken car parts (and hopefully not bits of car drivers) are cleared off the road. Flashing lights and road flares are a common sight. Some of those aforementioned habitual speed demons will no doubt want to attend the 47th Annual O'Reilly Autorama at the Dallas Market Hall this weekend. Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars will be there, and there will be hydraulic hopping demos and a burnout competition. Super Rod Magazine (insert joke here) will present the 75th anniversary of the Ford Deuce, and this year also marks the 50th anniversary of the revered '57 Chevy. A host of other celebs will be on hand, including Steve Wilkos from the Jerry Springer Show. The O'Reilly Autorama runs Friday through Sunday at Dallas Market Hall, 2200 Stemmons Freeway. Tickets are $5 to $13. Discounted tickets are available at O'Reilly Auto Parts stores. Visit
Feb. 16-18


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