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If a movie boasts Dom DeLuise on its roster, you better get your keister in a theater seat stat. No, it’s not Baby Geniuses. And double no, it’s not All Dogs Go To Heaven. It’s Blazing Saddles! The one with the campfire scene! And it’s showing at Midnight at the Inwood Theater on Friday. One of Mel Brooks’ first forays into the world of spoofs, Blazing Saddles is the story of a black sheriff, his boozed-up best friend and the town that rejects them and eventually rejects them less. Well, when they’re your only hope against a band of thugs, you tend to fall in line fast. Since it was originally released in 1974, there are quite a few of you who will think it’s called Blades of Glory. Nope. It’s Blazing Saddles. The one the American Film Institute ranked No. 6 on the 100 Years ... 100 Laughs list. And we all know, lists don’t lie. For more info, hit up
Jan. 4-5, 2013

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