It Came From the '90s

Comedian Tom Rhodes hasn't gone on to the success of '90s contemporaries like Janeane Garofalo and Dave Chappelle, but he's nevertheless kept at it, weathering short stints on his own NBC sitcom and a Dutch talk show in the process. With an easygoing stoner-redneck shtick, his comedy touches on everything from how Eddie Vedder's father must have felt in the '90s--"Dammit, why doesn't he ever do a song about that trip we took to Yosemite?!"--to his own father's 100-degree air conditioning rule, as in, he couldn't use the air conditioner unless the outside temperature was 100 degrees or higher. Enjoy Rhodes' comedy this Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the air-conditioned comfort of Hyena's, located next to the Angelika in Mockingbird Station. Admission is $10 with a two-item minimum. Call 214-823-5233 or visit
Thu., July 16; Fri., July 17; Sat., July 18, 2009

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