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It Tones For Thee

Tone Bell is from Atlanta, but he started his standup in Dallas, so show him some of that B_G love. Tone was on the now-canceled Whitney, a show in which the parts were greater than the whole. (Individually funny, but put them all together and it was like a one-way ticket to Crickets City.) He’s been on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson; Love You, Mean It; and will soon appear on Key & Peele. He also tours his misspelled pants off. His material is solid, and with the damn holidays already here and family and in-laws, couldn’t we all use a laugh? It’s either comedy or an ice cream and schnapps bender. “Why not both?!” said the drunken aspiring diabetic. Then both it shall be. Tickets are $15, fudge nut brownies and ice cream are $6.95 and Tone Bell will be appear Friday through Sunday. Sunday’s performance at The Improv in Addison (4980 Belt Line Road., Suite 250) starts at 7:30 p.m. Visit for additional showtimes.
Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2013


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