It's A Dance-Off!

I'm all for weird, unofficial holidays. Forget about Halloween and Valentine's Day and all that kids' stuff. We should really be celebrating gems like "Draw a Picture of a Bird Day" and "Hollerin' Contest Day." The Dance Council is having a big festival to celebrate "National Dance Week," which is Friday through May 4, but they could just as easily have done something to honor "Safe Kids Week," which takes place around the same time. (So, wait, once the week is over, kids can once again run with scissors and ride bikes without helmets? I'm confused.) Anyway, if keeping kids safe isn't really your thing, check out the 12th Annual Dance for the Planet Festival, going on Saturday and Sunday at Annette Strauss Artist Square at Samuell-Grand Park, 6200 E. Grand Ave. It's free and features performances by 140 dance groups with diverse styles, including ballroom, ballet, tap, modern, flamenco, salsa and more. Plus, the kiddies can play in the Children's Art Zone, and local professionals in various genres will be offering free classes. Learn from Norma Miller, the "queen of swing," or hip-hop artist Kenny Wormald, who has danced with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Madonna and J-Lo. For more information, visit
April 26-27, 2008

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