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It’s A Tribal Jesus Leprechaun

Drinking and inking usually results in one of two outcomes. One, you get tossed outta the tattoo parlor before you can even point at a flash and slur “That one” or two, you end up with a tramp stamp that will haunt you the rest of your days. As such, it is not an activity that is generally encouraged (or even legal), and most of us save our imbibing for after the fact — you know, so we can wake up with our faces stuck to a wad of Saran Wrap. So despite its name, the 2013 Tuaca Drinks and Inks Tour will not jumpstart a long relationship with a tattoo removal specialist. Instead, tattoo legend Corey Miller (who has inked the likes of Metallica’s James Hetfield) will guide you through a painless evening of Tuaca cocktails and performances by DJ Ravidrums — also known as the guy who mixes live drumming with his set — and Spoonfed Tribe. You can mingle, compare ink, brainstorm ideas for that sleeve you’ve been saving up for … and enter to win some quality — and clearheaded — tattoo time with Miller himself. You must be 21 to get into this free event, which starts at 8 p.m. Friday at Southside Music Hall, 1135 South Lamar St. Visit
Fri., Feb. 1, 2013


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