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It's Elemental, Really

Let's play a little game of "What am I?" Shall we begin? I take up a little over 2/3 of Earth. I'm a chemical substance made up of hydrogen and oxygen. I must be present in your life for you to live. I'm considered a purifier in most religions. Have you guessed yet? No? Geez. OK, one more clue and then you lose this game. You can also find me in the universe, the Milky Way to be exact. Ready to make your final guess? Chuck Norris? Seriously? Um, no, you're wrong. I'm water. Nice try, though. You obviously need to learn more about me, and you can this summer. Starting Saturday and running until August 22, the Museum of Nature and Science, 3535 Grand Ave., will have an exhibit about me, called Water. People can learn my cycle from air to land to sea, the importance of preserving me and where I can be found. The exhibit will also have satellite images, 3D video, live animals and walk-through dioramas to help with the experience. For more information on times and admission, call 214-428-5555 or visit And for more info on Chuck Norris, just Google him.
May 29-Aug. 22, 2010


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