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It's Martini Time!

Although Pink Martini would be a great drag queen name, the 12-ish-piece orchestra has taken the moniker to worldwide fame. But after poring over their Web site, I can't quite figure out what exactly Pink Martini is. Is it a jazz orchestra? World music? Big band? Apparently, they are all and none of these as they thrive on terms such as "genre-busting" and "cosmopolitan" to create a groove akin to music in a Fred Astaire movie, but perhaps in Spanish. Crazy! By the looks and sounds of Pink Martini, I imagine this is a band the guys in Swingers would have headed out to see while picking up babies. They were right there at the beginning in 1994 but have somehow outlasted that music trend with acclaim to become cosmopolitan sensations. D'oh! I used the word myself. I do have a feeling that you could either take your parents or your date, and you'd be a cool cat either way. Take your sip of a Pink Martini at House of Blues, 2200 N. Lamar St. For tickets, visit, and maybe you can get a better sense of them than I did at
Wed., May 21, 2008


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