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Jefferson Scholarship

What would Thomas Jefferson do if he ran things today? Faced with Congressional deadlock, he would found a new party—he did start the Democratic Party after all. Illegal immigration? He would buy Mexico. After the Louisiana Purchase that's no big deal. WMDs? Send Lewis and Clark to look for them. He would most definitely write his own speeches, and there wouldn't be any brush to chainsaw on his manicured ranch. He would never fall off his horse, either. He would also step up and end America's dependence on foreign oil, like he tried to do with foreign wine. Instead of fining the TV network for Janet Jackson's nip slip, he would have asked her out (she's most definitely hotter than Sally Hemmings). And after his term, he'd probably head up some fancy think-tank, like the American Philosophical Society. But don't take our word for it—listen to some of the country's top Jefferson scholars debate the age-old question: WWTJD? The Thomas Jefferson for Today Conference starts 11 a.m. Thursday at TCU's Ed Landreth Auditorium, 2800 S. University, and continues Friday at the Kelly Alumni and Visitor's Center, 2820 Stadium Drive in Fort Worth. Entry is free.Call 817-257-7288.
Thu., April 20; Fri., April 21


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