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Kappa Kappa Slasha

Sorority slashers must seem like a novel movie concept. Zoom in on the positive, sisterly cohort of Greek life--smiling college girls helping each other with homework while nibbling on string cheese and talking audaciously of boys and weekend plans--then just change scenes to a glistening butcher knife and play some orchestral, fear-ridden overture and you've got yourself one hell of an oxymoronic plot. But if you've ever attended a real-life sorority rush, you know (although you may not admit it) that sorority life can be horrifying even without chainsaws and clown-masked murderers. Clapping, singing strangers link their arm with yours and make high-pitched small talk for what seems like hours. You feel like you're tripping out on coke (whatever that feels like) while undergoing Chinese water torture. Admittedly, there's not much blood involved (unless you count menstrual cycles as gory), which may be where '80s movies like Killer Party, Hell Night and The House on Sorority Row fit in to the ready-made genre of sorority-gone-nightmare. These films will be cut (electronically, mind you) and edited by the masterminds behind Horror Remix, who are in the business of condensing fluffy horror movies to a bloody pulp for pure, unadulterated wincing pleasure. This two-hour free viewing, titled "Rush," will play at Studio Movie Grill (5405 Belt Line Road in Addison) at 10 p.m. Wednesday accompanied by "fun extras" and puppet MCs. Visit for more info.
Wed., Sept. 9, 10 p.m., 2009


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