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Kid Energy

Something about Nick Z's work takes me back to various points in my childhood. In one glance, I'm browsing a slightly intoxicated Eric Carle-ish illustration. At another, I'm gazing at the bottom of a rebellious tween's skateboard deck. Then, looking at his design for the ARTCO Pepsi can, I'm suddenly practicing my signature and doodling in my US History notes. Except as much as Z's art reminds, it's also elevated to entirely different level of thought, suggestion and occasional pun than we could ever put down on paper back in the day. Find your past (or present) imp nestled in the art of Nick Z during his solo exhibition, And A Child Shall Lead Them, at the Public Trust, 2919-C Commerce St., Wednesdays through Saturdays through June 20. Call 214-760-7170 or visit
Wednesdays-Saturdays. Starts: May 8. Continues through June 20, 2009


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