Let It All Glow

Art isn't just two-dimensional anymore, people. There's more than just paintings and photographs to look at these days. You can also find fine art in places other than galleries and museums. And there's a big group of artists who want to share this concept with the city. Friday night marks the inaugural Aurora event, a festival of interactive art installations showcasing light, sound and video spread throughout the Dallas Heritage Village, 1515 Harwood St. The event, 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, features 41 professional and student artists and kicks off the eighth annual Cedars Open Studios tour from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday. Take in the mixed-media artistic assault on your senses Friday, visit the workspaces of the artists and craftspeople who call the Cedars home, and then enjoy a week-long extension of Aurora with a student exhibition focusing on light through November 28 at the Chatauqua Pavillion in the DHV. If you take it at name-value, this event really is a glorious and beautiful phenomenon. Now, Dallas, let's give it enough attention so it might show up and dazzle us for many more years to come. Visit cedarsopenstudios.com for more info.
Nov. 19-28, 2010

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