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Living in Sin

If the Angelika in Mockingbird Station, with its unusually unblemished facade and persnickety taste in film, is the Jake Gyllenhaal of movie theatres in Dallas, then the Inwood Theatre is Mickey Rourke. It's curiously and oddly attractive, picks some of the most raucous films and displays its age well. But more than anything, it's cool as hell, and suitingly, it will be showing one of Rourke's most engaging films—Sin City—this Friday and Saturday. Based on Frank Miller's series of graphic novels of the same name, the film explores Miller's deplorably wicked town with an unheralded veracity that will snap all of your synaptic nerves with one quick jolt. Robert Rodriguez directs with a dedicated eye toward the cult comic and gets the best out of a legendary cast headlined by Rourke and Bruce Willis. And if that lineup isn't enough, Quentin Tarantino also guest directs a 15-minute segment of the film that recalls the fierceness of his most recent flick, Kill Bill. Sin City shows at midnight Friday and Saturday. The theater is located at 5458 W. Lovers Lane. Call 214-764-9106 or visit
Fri., July 7; Sat., July 8


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