Look East

Asian cinema is the most entertaining of all foreign film entries. I like French films for the character studies, Danish movies for the weirdness factor and German pictures for the atmospherics. But Asia consistently produces some of the most dynamic and colorful cinema out there. Certainly, it has its share of schlock, but Asian directors know how to work a formula and produce quality. The Ninth Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas celebrates all of these elements as it presents 35 films and two short-film series during its run Friday through July 29. This year's films include the movie with the best title ever, I Corrupt All Cops, which stars Tony Leung--a movie star worth swooning over. Seriously. Au Revoir Taipei, the opening night feature, is a caper comedy that explores the vibrant cityscapes of the titular city. And The People I've Slept With, the festival closer, is a romantic comedy with a heroine who has serious paternity issues. There are also plenty of action films, a few family-friendly features (including the much-heralded The Tale of Ululu's Wonderful Forest) and dramas to keep any filmgoer interested. The Asian Film Festival of Dallas will have screenings at the Magnolia Theater, 3699 McKinney Ave., and the Angelika, 5321 East Mockingbird Lane. Tickets for regular screenings are $10. Visit 2010.affd.org for schedule information and special ticket packages.
July 23-29, 2010

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