Looking Back, Locally

Since hosting its first exhibit in 2002, Magnolia Gallery—the unorthodox gallery located upstairs and in the bar inside the Magnolia Theatre in the West Village—has been entertaining and inspiring movie-goers with a new show spotlighting local talent each month. Through May 27, Magnolia Gallery’s Nicole Cullum Horn and Scott Horn serve as guest curators at the Ross-Akard Gallery (1717 N. Akard St., inside the Fairmont Hotel). In celebration of their four years of success, Ross-Akard offered the Horns the use of their space to hang A Magnolia Gallery Retrospective of 22 of the 40-plus artists the Magnolia Gallery has featured since ’06 when they took the reins. Those 22 include notable locals such as Frank Campagna, Robb Conover, Brian Gibb, Sally Glass and Dylan Hollingsworth—just to name a few. Visit rossakard.com or magnoliagallerydallas.com for the full list of area artists.
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: April 30. Continues through May 27, 2011

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