Lost and Found

I don't lose time. When hours leap from my schedule like old shoes from the roof of a car, I can see right where they are--mocking me and inaccessible. Time is a relative thing, after all. There's the eternal fourth-grade-gym-class minute and the whole-life-montage minute you experience when your car swerves into another trying to avoid said old shoe. So when Tania Kaufmann says she studies her lost time, I'm intrigued. A favorite of the local art scene, Kaufmann has created a world of Time Bandits--cute, lumpy creatures and shapes inspired by her inner child that take viewers to the happy place where smiles are made and time is free. Her show Loss of Time will run at the Magnolia Gallery, 3699 McKinney Ave. through July 2. Call 214-683-9134 or e-mail magnoliagallery@gmail.com for more info.
May 28-July 2, 2008

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