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Major In Survival

What will you do when those herky-jerky gnawers of braaaaaaaains come calling? You’d try shooing them away with a broom, wouldn’t you? You might as well open the doors and flash the lights. You need a class in strategy. Human Max Brooks has your answers. He’s been researching and documenting such attacks for more than a decade, then publishing his findings in scholarly literature, like the 2003 release How To Survive A Zombie Uprising. The text took a psychological assessment of the creatures and provided useful tips and guidelines for escaping the pending invasion of dead souls. (Pro Tip No. 1: Run, dude.) He’ll be sharing his acquired knowledge with the young, spry student body of University of North Texas at 8 p.m. on Tuesday with an informative discussion on the undead. Possibly the most important lecture of a student’s college career, the evening will not address mundane topics like how to get into grad school. Instead it will be useful, street-smart curriculum regarding infectious bites, surviving recurring attacks and when to play dead. It’s free for students, $10 for staff and faculty and $20 for normies who just don’t want to die. Visit to reserve a spot. The lecture takes place in the Silver Eagle Suite in the Union (1155 Union Circle Drive, Denton).
Tue., Oct. 9, 2012


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