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Miike's Deeds

Takashi Miike. For some, simply the mention of the Japanese director's name is enough to cause the relished and anticipatory rubbing of sweaty palms. For most, "Miike" only phonetically resembles Disney's trademark mouse. No matter, as the filmmaker, whose conveyor belt output is matched only by each project's schizophrenic ingenuity, is poised for world domination through (perverse) will and determination alone. The Happiness of the Katakuris, one of his seven films of 2001, is playing at the Magnolia this Friday at midnight as part of the ongoing Asian Film Festival, and the less said about what lies therein the better. Experience far outweighs description, but it's been called "the best horror-comedy-claymation-musical you'll ever see," and we're not arguing. Fans of Lynch, Cronenberg, Raimi, Tarantino--hell, even Robert Wise--listen up: Miike stares every one of them down. Sure, it's doubtful the Can't Hardly Wait crowd can do just that, but isn't it great that there's still a filmmaker working who all but dares an audience to endure/enjoy his work? Accordingly, The Happiness of the Katakuris is the dizzying work of an artist at the height of his powers. You've never seen anything like it. Don't ya wanna see it? The Magnolia Theatre is located at 3699 McKinney Ave. Call 214-769-0856. --Matt Hursh

Logo Off
In the eye of the beholder

I'd like to take this space to inform Dallas about the Deep Ellum Logo Design Selection Gala on Tuesday. I'm busy that night, so I won't be attending, but that doesn't matter, since my personal submission was not one of 20 selected to represent the area by the Deep Ellum board of directors. The "lucky" finalists' "work" will be on display in various establishments today through Friday in order for (apparently) little people like us to vote for our favorite. The winning logo will be featured in a new ad campaign, and I'd also just like to congratulate the "winner" in advance for showing such creativity and local pride. Personally--and this is not just journalistic integrity--it was an honor to even participate, and I harbor no resentment for the oversight. I know for a fact that art cannot truly be judged, so it might as well have been me who walked away with all the accolades anyway. Kudos! The selection gala is 6:30 p.m. at Gypsy Tea Room, 2548 Elm St. Call the Deep Ellum Association at 214-748-4332. --Matt Hursh

Wine Time Live
Grapevine buzzes all weekend

Our bluebonnet state is just a tad bit larger than many countries. Maybe that's why we have our own section in the wine aisle. And that's why it seems appropriate that a city named Grapevine will be holding the 19th Annual Lone Star International Wine Competition on Saturday. Absorb more than you ever needed to know about our great Texas Wine Country. There probably won't be any recollections of that I Love Lucy grape-stomping episode, but there are more than 300 ways to sip into a nice buzz. Chardonnay, cabernet, merlot, table rosé. Pick your calling. Did we mention the food? Pastries, desserts and an assortment of grilled wild game will be there to delight your palate. It's all indoors at the Hilton DFW Lakes, 1800 Highway 26 E., all afternoon long. Tickets range from $10 to $35. Call 817-424-0570. --Desirée Henry

Nashville Networking

Country songwriters of the metroplex, come forth and gather at the Austin Cunningham Nashville Songwriter Workshop. Cunningham will impart his writing wisdom (he's had cuts on CDs by Hank Williams Jr. and Wynonna Judd) as well as perform selections of his music. Song critiques will be offered for an extra $10 each, first come, first served. Registration is $45 with box lunch and drinks included. BrookMays Center, 8701 John Carpenter Freeway, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call 214-750-0916 or visit --Mary Monigold


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