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Modern Times

Just stop it. Before you go saying that modern dance is all hippy-dippy "I am the tree" crap, just suck it up and admit that maybe you're a little freaked out by people who can express themselves so completely through a few very natural—sometimes childlike, sometimes sensual, sometimes humorous (yeah, sometimes it's OK to laugh at modern dance)—movements. But it's cool. We're all freaked out by stuff we don't get right off the bat. Trick is to learn a bit about it before you just go writin' it off. And whaddya know, Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth and the Modern over in Cowtown just happen to be hosting a near month-long event that can help all you unfamiliar folk get a bit more friendly with free-form dance. The 4th Annual Modern Dance Festival at the Modern kicks off 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday with CD/FW Dance Exchange: A Choreographer's Showcase featuring performances by renowned (i.e., these are the dancers you'd be lucky to see if experiencing modern dance for the first or umpteenth time) performers including Caryn Heilman (NYC), Deborah Birrane (Seattle—and for our fellow dance nerds out there, one of Birrane's pieces is influenced by expressionist dancer Mary Wigman), Alyson (Jones) Cartagena (L.A.), Mary Lynn Babcock (Denton), Lacreacia Sanders (Fort Worth), Susan Douglas Roberts (F.W.) and Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth. Other performances, lectures and films will continue through July 15 at the museum, 3200 Darnell St. in Fort Worth. Admission is free. Call 817-922-0944 or visit for complete festival details.
June 22-23, 8 p.m.


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