Mummies R Us

What do mummies and cat scans have in common? Need a hint? How about CSI Luxor? OK, fine. One is used to learn about the other. The Columbus Center for Science and History made a trip to Egypt in order to learn about the methods and technology used by the leading Egyptian archeologists, and they didn't come back empty handed. Like science, ancient history has limitless room for discovery, and this mix of ancient knowledge, modern technology and simple detective work will be on display at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History until January 3rd. Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science features, for the first time ever, an artificial mummy in a state of the unwrapping process, as well as numerous scans and facial reconstructions. I prefer to think that most of the leg work in archeology is accomplished by a man and a brush in a hole somewhere, but the field site feature of the interactive exhibit does that work for you and displays many of the artifacts found on the Giza plateau. It sounds like it's going to be more Bill Nye the Science Guy than Indiana Jones, but that can be a good thing. Admission to the exhibit is included in Museum admission: Adults $14, Children/Seniors $10. For more information, visit
Nov. 1-Jan. 3, 2010

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