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It’s not very often that an artist gets something right on first try. But Hayao Miyazaki may be the exception. Many critics regard his debut film, Nausicaa, to be his masterwork. Certainly, it redefined the possibilities of storytelling in animated films, creating a landscape that was picturesque, with a story that captures the imaginations of the young minds and the nostalgia of the older. That is why it’s the perfect film to launch the month-long celebration of the filmmaker’s work at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, which features film screenings, traditional Japanese refreshments and one full Kaiseki dinner and Sake pairing. Join the Modern and the Lone Star Film Society’s ArthouseFW Society as the celebrate the career of one of Japan’s most masterful artists. Tickets to the screenings are $9. For more information visit the
Sat., Aug. 2, 2014


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