Nice Work With That Wild Style, Jeremy

You spent your summer vacations shotgunning Capri Suns and watching CHiPs marathons. Maybe you got sent to vacation Bible school for a week — or if you were really lucky, actual camp — but by and large, summers were a high-fructose wasteland. Spare your kids from the monotony of your summer experiences by signing them up for the Dallas Contemporary’s Street Art Camp from Monday through Friday, June 28. Every morning from 9 until noon, your teenager will be immersed in the world of street art, learning all about contemporary street artists and all aspects of their craft, from inspiration to execution. It’s a hands-on experience, guided by a professional street artist (which is NOT an oxymoron) and it’s a perfect way to get your out-of-school teen to engage, create and innovate. Camp happens at the Dallas Contemporary, 161 Glass St. Registration is $150, and you can access the registration information at
June 24-28, 2013


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