Night of the living dead

Back in the day, when a band split up, it stayed that way. Now, the phrase "last show ever" only means it's the last show until the next one, and you can be sure there will be a next one. Two years ago, the Denton ska band The Grown-Ups went on a three-city "farewell" tour, only to reunite and play those same three cities a year later. It was like having a tender goodbye kiss with your girlfriend, and then having her come back because she forgot her keys. So, if you're bummed out because Course of Empire or whoever broke up earlier this year, be safe in the knowledge that they'll probably be playing Trees in about six months. Sure, it might not ever happen, but it would be stranger if it didn't.

The lineup for the Rainmaker Records Five Year Anniversary Show is a prime example. It includes so many ghosts, it really should have happened around Halloween. Actually, the timing makes sense. To some people, the bill is the best Christmas present this side of a Furby. The long-gone Tabula Rasa, Adam's Farm, and Quickserv Johnny are all scheduled to reunite for the night, and pop poppins and Deep Blue Something play in Dallas so sporadically, they might as well be broken up. To top it all off, The Nixons and Grand Street Cryers will also perform, which is probably enough to drive several SMU sorority houses to tears. All that's missing is a Jackopierce reunion, and thank God it is.

But even without the presence of the less-than-dynamic duo, it should be quite a turnout, with so many pairs of khaki pants, it'll look like a safari. And there will be enough "Christmas cheer" flowing to make walking through the club similar to playing hopscotch. The fact is, any two of the bands could guarantee a near-sellout. With the parade of ghouls Rainmaker has lined up, the line should be around the block. But if you can't get in, don't worry. There's always next year.

--Zac Crain

The Rainmaker Records Five Year Anniversary Show with Deep Blue Something, The Nixons, Grand Street Cryers, Adam's Farm, Tabula Rasa, and pop poppins happens on Thursday at The Curtain Club, 2800 Main. Doors open at 8 p.m. Call (214) 742-2336.

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