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No, Not THAT Guys and Dolls

Sometimes you want to be direct on Valentine's Day, and if that's the plan, go straight to the skin. La Bare, the male dancer revue and window-shopping spot of choice for women who go "Woo-o-ooo!", is catering its programming to both of you for Valentine’s Day. It’s a Guys and Dolls party, where stupidly cut men and impossibly attractive women share the stage. Now, I like this idea more than a gender-specific strip club, because it drops a reality bomb on each of you. No, neither of you have been to the gym lately, like these professional dancers. No, you have not waxed that spot in years. No, you would not have the attentive gaze of this onstage talent if you weren’t holding erect dollar bills. You deserve one another. See that? It’s like a love story. La Bare presents itself at 2102 W. Northwest Highway. Visit
Thu., Feb. 14, 2013


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