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Not-So-Standard Fare

The New York Times-lauded jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves is coming to Dallas soon to promote her new record, When You Know. According to the record's appropriately gushing press release, it's a "gorgeous album of songs celebrating the different stages of love in a woman's life." The hits? Well, I expected classics about first love like "He Only Felt Me Up 'Cause He Was Drunk (He's Really a Gentleman)" and marital ballads such as "My Husband Can't Be Bothered to Clean," and "How Can He Possibly Think I Want to Get Sweaty Under That Beer Gut Blues." But alas, Reeves delivered her patented soulful renditions of tasteful standards such as the Temptations' "Just My Imagination" and Mabel Mercer's "Over the Weekend," along with her original "Today Will Be a Good Day." Reeves performs songs from her new release and more 8 p.m. this Friday at the McFarlin Memorial Auditorium, 6405 Boaz Lane. Call 214-528-5576.
Fri., March 28, 8 p.m., 2008


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