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Nothing Says Community Like Beer

As much as Dallas and its denizens love the finer things in life, the city keeps coming back to two very American standards: burgers and beer. Every week lately there’s news of a new burger joint opening, growler station opening, specialty beer being tapped or a brewery hosting a blowout celebration. This week, Community Beer Co. is celebrating its first anniversary. It’s time to party like a toddler — with minimal language ability and a lot of accidentally stumbling too fast. The soiree is at the Community Beer Co. Brewery, 1530 Inspiration Drive, at 2 p.m. Community will be serving 14 of its beers, including the new Bourbon Barrel-Aged Glenstemmons Scotch Ale and, in case you get sleepy, Ascension Coffee Porter. Tickets are $20. Visit for more information.
Sat., Jan. 18, 2014


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