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Old Bros.

Hard to believe it's been 25 years since Super Mario Bros. came out, but it's true. After our parents relented and got us the Nintendo Entertainment System, we spent so many hours trying to rescue the princess that the game's fantasy world started to bleed over into real life. We'd even mimic that pluck! pluck! sound with our mouths while trying to throw fireballs. Fortunately, we stopped short of jumping on turtles and kicking them at foes, though accidentally running over a terrapin years later on an ATV proved it would have been far messier than the game made it out to be. This Monday and Tuesday, Cassie's Frozen Yogurt, 603 S. Main St. in Grapevine, honors the anniversary with costumes, discounts, prizes (including an original NES complete with Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros.) and the chance to play Nintendo games. No actual turtles will be harmed. Call 817-410-4650 or visit for more information.
Mon., Oct. 25; Tue., Oct. 26, 2010


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