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Once More, With Feeling

Look at a Joachim Kersten painting once and you'll enjoy it, sure, but look at it twice and it may take on an entirely new attitude, once you notice all the layers or shapes or whatever you missed the first time. (And you will. It's sort of a rule.) Kersten bounces between Fort Worth and Nuremberg (he's a native) and after earning quite the name for himself in Bavaria, he received an invitation from Schweinfurt, Bavaria, and subsequently developed five shows entitled Digitalis Purpurea, which incorporate his attention to nature and organic, sometimes geological, but abstract landscapes. William Campbell Contemporary Art, 4915 Byers Ave. in Fort Worth, features a traveling exhibition of Digitalis Purpurea beginning Saturday with a reception from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. and through May 5. Call 817-737-9566.
March 31-May 5


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