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Every comedy fan's favorite whipping boy (besides Dane Cook) has to be Carlos Mencia. The Comedy Central alum has been accused of stealing material from several comedians over the years, but despite the accusations, Mencia still has traction. The formula of his lowbrow shtick is simple: make fun of pretty much everybody. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Mencia doesn't care if you're offended; in fact, he thrives on it. Born in Honduras as number 17 of 18 kids, he probably learned early on that using the offensive as a defense is a matter of sibling survival. Among Mencia's high points: He taught a generation of college kids who'd rather skip class to smoke a bowl and watch Comedy Central how to get a "yob at Madonna's." Translation: how to get a job at McDonald's. That's a life skill, man. Of course, Mencia's bread and butter is taking potshots at "beaners who have yobs at Madonna's." Go figure. He's coming to Texas to host the grand opening of the new Arlington Improv Thursday through Sunday. Tickets are $35 with a $5 service charge at For more information, call 817-635-5555.
Jan. 7-10, 2010


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