Open Arms

Aid to those with AIDS


Sometimes even in the wake of a nationally publicized tragedy such as Hurricane Katrina, it's still necessary to put things into perspective. Beyond the horrible burdens put on all of the evacuees, there's always a way to multiply the desperation factor. Like, for instance, the fact that there are a number of Katrina victims infected with HIV, who are now without anything to their names and cut off from their regular means of medication. That's one hell of a bad hand. In terms of perspective, I'm grumbling about a Netflix order taking a little too long. I'm not proud of that. For any of us who haven't been able to completely staunch our pampered habits and for those who normally use their grasp of reality and working human heart, there is something we can do. The 15th Annual AIDS Arms LifeWalk takes place Saturday morning at Lee Park, and beyond the almost 3,000 people who benefit from the organization monthly, this year's event focuses on the newly arrived to North Texas, who need help re-establishing their medical connections, in addition to other daily necessities. Tony Dorsett and the Cowboy Cheerleaders will attend the 3.6-mile walk, but if any gathering doesn't need celeb incentive, this is it. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. at Lee Park, which is located at 3333 Lee Parkway near Turtle Creek Boulevard and Oak Lawn Avenue.Visit --Matt Hursh

Euro Tracks


The 5K is the pad Thai of road races; accessible, mild and, at times, an entry point into tougher, more challenging feats of endurance. But if the race distance itself is standard, the 5K Vineyard Run/Walk in Grapevine most certainly is not. Featuring live jazz and wine tasting, the European-tinged race at the Delaney Vineyards should be fun for the winner and last-place competitor alike as everyone is encouraged to take part in the free wine tastings, which will include the 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon and the Texas Rose. Add bread and cheese from Grapevine's Gourmet Concepts and Tuscan bread from Macaroni Grill, and you'll attain your own version of a runner's high. Luke's Locker, a runner's mecca, will be providing the ChampionChip Timing, so no need to worry about any logistical mishaps. The 5K Vineyard Run starts at 9 a.m. October 1. A 2K walk starts at 8:30 a.m. Visit --Matt Pulle

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