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Xanadu just might be the most "seventies" of all '70s movies. The fact that it was actually released in 1980 doesn't disqualify it, either, since that year was still nursing a '70s hangover. Olivia Newton-John stars as a singing, rollerskating Muse straight from Mount Olympus (no, really). She and her sister Muses are apparently teleporting back and forth to earth through a mural of a giant record cover. She gets in trouble because she accidentally falls in love with a human that she was only supposed to inspire artistically, using her "muse mojo" or something like that. There's also a second plot where Gene Kelly opens a nightclub and ELO are along for the ride, kicking out super-tasty jams like there's no tomorrow. If it all sounds like a confusingly insane concept, that's because it is. But none of that matters because Xanadu is a mind-blowing spectacle packed with the glorious excess and crazed lust for fun that is missing from most current movies. Roll yourself on down and see for yourself when Xanadu plays the Inwood Theatre, 5454 W. Lovers Lane, at midnight Friday and Saturday. Visit for details.
Sept. 10-11, 2010

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